The box is nicely detailed showing everything that is included in the set. Like regular the box has all of the original info that is regularly put in there. we have the DC Comics Super Heroes sign and then a picture of the justice league. On the back of the box we have instructions on how to use the new Supper Jump piece and other things about the set. The Box includes 1  bag with some smaller bags inside and 1 instruction booklet.

    76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro   

LEGO 76025 Instructions Book 1


This set includes 174 pieces contained in 1 bag also comes with paper plastic holding the cape. All of the pieces included in the set are as follows.


This set includes 3 minifigures. The first figure is Space Batman witch is Batman's Space Suit from LEGO Batman 3 The Video Game. first the Helmet is a new design without the neck cover but colored silver, there are 2 different heads the space head and the regular batman head, the body is and white and silver body with a batman symbol on it, the leggings are a regular gray with white legs, there is an clear piece that goes where capes usually goes the piece has 2 studs to have the new cape piece attached with some bricks going over to hold the cape up. the second figure is Green Lantern this is his second form after the one made in 2011 for the announcement for DC Comic Super Heroes becoming a new theme. The hair piece is an regular one not anything different, The head is a new one compared to 2011 it has a green mask and it is two sided, the body is green and black with white hands there is a green lantern symbol on the front and is also two sided, the legs are also printed black on top and green on bottom. The final figure Sinestro Green Lanterns rival has an nice black hair piece, an bright purple head witch is also two sided, the body is yellow at the top and the hands and black at the bottom going into the legs turning back into yellow. Over all the minifigures were the main reason I bought this set. They where really good this wave of DC Super Heroes sets where much better then the winter wave last year mostly because there were more Justice League figures and sets made.


Space Batman


Green Lantern

( White Hands )




Overall the build was amazing it is probably the best DC Super Heroes sets I built and its mainly because it includes my 2 most favorite DC Super Heroes Green Lantern and Batman. The one thing I think this set was missing though was an Green Lantern Ring but other wise it was an great set.



Zoom into orbit and recover Green Lantern’s lantern!

Sinestro has stolen Green Lantern’s lantern and whisked it away to his home planet of Korugar. Launch a recovery mission with Green Lantern, in his ultra-fast construct spaceship and super-jumping Space Batman™! But evil Sinestro has built a cage around the lantern and is guarding it with his staff. Fire the 2 powerful stud shooters and turn the rear control to activate 2 devastating spring-loaded shooters. Spring into action with Space Batman™ on the Super Jumper to topple Sinestro and explode the cage. With victory assured, leap out of the cockpit and reclaim the lantern! Includes 3 minifigures with accessories: Green Lantern, Space Batman™ and Sinestro.

*Set Number : 76025

*Name : Green Lantern VS Sinestro

*Set Type : Normal

*Theme Group : Licensed

*Theme : DC Comics Super Heroes

*Sub-Theme : Justice League

*Released : January 1st 2015

*Pieces : 174

*Minifigures : 3

*Prices : UK - £19.99 / US  - $19.99 / Canada - $24.99

*Age Range : 6 - 12

*Packaging : Box

*Dimensions : Do not have yet

*Weight : 0.315 Kg  ( 0.69 lb )

*Barcodes : EAN -   UPC - Do not have yet

Availability : Retail